Twitter tests "carousel format" for promotional images

Twitter is testing a new format for images that allows advertisers to connect multiple images in a "carousel" that users can rotate by swiping sideways.


Textile chain H&M has already published a tweet in the US in the new format, in which three images are linked together in a common link.

More images easier to find

"A picture is worth a thousand words - both online and offline. Images are very important for online marketing, but what makes a big difference are captions. It is only through these that you are also found well in Google searches. So if there are more images and therefore more captions, the likelihood increases. That's why Twitter is now going down this path," Andrea Starzer, CEO of PromoMasters, tells the news agency Pressetext.

With the carousel format, Twitter wants to enable ads that are more eye-catching and rely more heavily on visuals. "We're constantly experimenting with new creative ways to deliver the best possible experience for users while providing great value for marketers," citing Social Media Today the company.

Moving images without video

Starzer says it's very important for Twitter to incorporate the new format into its app, especially because competitors like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest have been using it for some time. "The carousel format also has the advantage of making images move. Users reflect more on moving images than on still images. So marketers don't have to go to the trouble of producing a film for every product," says the expert. (pte)

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