Izzy climbs steadily up the Storyclash rankings - Blick bets on Instagram

Storyclash's December ranking shows: Blick has overtaken LikeMag and Ringier's youth magazine Izzy is slowly approaching the top group.


Since the expansion of the Storyclash catalog last month, the publishers who dominate Instagram have taken the helm. This benefits not only the undisputed leader Swissmeme, which once again extended its lead in December with a 12 percent increase, but also the marketing organization Switzerland Tourism, which focuses a large part of its social media efforts on Instagram.

View relies on Instagram

The new Instagram consideration also pays off for Blick: Among the "classic media" - with the exception of SRF - the medium has the best command of the image platform and operates, for example, the successful channel @blickheimat, on which the most beautiful Swiss photos of the readers are published. The channel has over 21,000 followers. Blick also manages numerous other Instagram channels, including the equally successful sports accounts @blickfussball (20,400 followers) and @blickeishockey (10,200 followers). They are joined by @blick, @blickamabend, @blicknextgen, @blickchuchi, @blickauto, @blickhaustier, @blickreisen and @blick_formel. The result of this broad-based Instagram strategy: Blick leaves LikeMag behind for the first time.

YouTube plays a minor role

The ranking also shows that YouTube plays no role for most Swiss media. Only SRF manages YouTube channels - with a manageable but still existing reach: SRF, SRF Dok, SRF Archiv and SRF Comedy. SRF operates most of its social media channels with similar consistency - a multi-pronged strategy that pays off in the rankings. It's quite possible that it will continue to climb in the coming months. Incidentally, RSI achieves considerably more interactions on YouTube than its large German-Swiss counterpart.

In terms of YouTube, however, one medium stood out in December: Le Temps achieved almost 20,000 interactions. The reason for this is a video called "Orelsan raconte comment il a composé Basique," which was posted at the end of November and went viral - in it, the French rapper explains how the hit "Basique" came about. The song has over 43 million clicks on YouTube, and the Le Temps post has over 700,000.

Izzy climbs

The December official launched by Ringier and "anonymously" in September, Izzy continues to climb up the rankings and is already in 13th place at the end of December. Izzy specializes in Instagram and Facebook, so it should feel right at home at Storyclash and will probably soon tackle the top 10. Here, too, it's clear that Instagram is where the music is. Facebook is becoming less and less interesting for publishers - especially those with a young target audience - and is losing influence because organic reach and interaction are hard to come by. Instagram, on the other hand, is establishing itself as a grateful "like medium" on which young people are still flocking.

Swissmeme dominates Top Posts

In the top posts, it is striking that six entries in the top 10 come from French-speaking Switzerland. The ranking of the top images is dominated at will by Swissmeme - it seems as if the other media are not allowed to "play along" in this discipline. The video posting of the month is Planet 105 - it is also the only post that Swissmeme manages to get into the top 10 in the overview of all content types (6th place).

The Austrian start-up Storyclash records social interaction with media content. Every month, the Social News Ranking shows which media providers performed how and which were the posts with the most interactions. Werbewoche publishes the ranking exclusively in Switzerland. (hae)

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