Here's how the Swiss media fared on social media in February

Storyclash's Social News Ranking shows which pages and which posts triggered the most interactions.


The Austrian start-up Storyclash records social interaction with media content. Every month, the Social News Ranking shows which media providers performed well and which were the posts with the most interactions. All posts on Facebook and Google+ are recorded, although the latter usually play a minor role. On the one hand, the ranking shows the total value of all types of postings, on the other hand, the values for the individual posting types (articles, photos, videos or GIFs) can also be displayed. In addition, the most successful posts, the "top posts", are listed, i.e. those posts that generated the most interactions. publishes the ranking in Switzerland exclusively from now on, monitoring the most important changes and placements.

Watson on a high, Tamedia titles lose

The list of sites is headed by Likemag in February with a remarkable interaction increase of almost 75 percent and with over one million interactions. defended second place with over 500,000 interactions. Watson made the biggest leap in the top group with an increase of 56.4 percent compared to the previous month of January. The site from AZ Medien thus displaces 20 Minuten to fourth place. With an increase of 107 percent, Radio Energy gained an impressive five places. AZ Solothurner Zeitung made the biggest leap in the top 30, moving up eight places thanks to a 103 percent increase in interaction.

The Tamedia titles Tages-Anzeiger and 24heures both lost around 50 percent and three and four places respectively. Only the Tamedia title Der Bund can look back on a positive social media February, with an increase of 30 percent and three gained ranks.

Top posts under the sign of Trump

Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump was responsible for the two most successful posts in February. At least indirectly. Watson's video "Arnold Schwarzenegger destroys Trump in 10 seconds" generated over 150,000 Facebook interactions in February alone. It was shared over 40,000 times and "provoked" more than 4600 comments, as well as nearly 100,000 likes.

Second place also comes as little surprise: The Swiss entry "America first. Switzerland second," produced by the SRF program "Deville Late-Night" - by far the most successful SRF clip of all time, with 11.5 million YouTube clicks to date - performed extremely well on Facebook, as expected. With 67,122 shares, it was the most shared Swiss post in February.

This is followed by typical Facebook recycled content - ducklings and children and wow - before Watson again provides interaction with a genuine in-house production at number 7. Canadian Emily Engkent, who Watson took over from Joiz and integrated into the new video department, tells how she learned German. The post was shared over 13,000 times and liked over 10,000 times. is concerned about the only "serious" article in the Post ranking. The article is about how Donald Trump wants to break up the business of the Mexican drug mafia - the drug lords react accordingly irritated. (hae)

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