Snapchat strengthens London's back

Despite the Brexit vote, the messaging service Snapchat is relying on London as a location. The metropolis will be the headquarters for the international business in the future, the parent company Snap announced.


"We believe in the creative industry in the U.K.," manager Claire Valoti said Tuesday. The kingdom is also home to advertisers, she added. British Prime Minister Theresa May's government is currently trying to convince companies that her country is an attractive place to do business even after the country leaves the EU. Since the June vote, S Online giants Google, Facebook and Amazon have also announced plans to invest more money in the country. However, thousands of jobs could be lost in the financial sector because of the Brexit.

Snapchat started in 2012 as an app for sending photos that disappeared within seconds. The company now has 75 employees in the British capital and plans to hire more. (SDA)

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