Swiss Retail Federation files complaint against Temu Switzerland

In Switzerland, resistance is growing in the retail sector against the Chinese low-cost online platform Temu. The industry association Swiss Retail Federation has now filed a complaint against Temu Switzerland with the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (Seco).


"There is considerable suspicion of unlawful advertising with percentage discounts and crossed-out prices as well as repeated advertising with offers below cost price and misleading information about the availability of the offers", said association director Dagmar Jenni at the request of AWP. For this reason, a complaint has been filed against the low-cost online retailer for unfair business practices.

The Tamedia newspapers were the first to report on this. The Swiss Retail Federation told them that on Temu's website and app, "even new offers are usually marked as almost sold out or with remaining quantities such as only 5 left etc.". However, Temu must be able to prove that this information is correct. According to Tamedia, a legal opinion is available to which the association refers in its complaint.

Numerous other organizations and associations have joined the complaint, including ASMAS Sportfachhandel Schweiz, Spielwaren Verband Schweiz SVS, Swiss Textiles, Handel Schweiz, Schweizerisches Konsumentenforum KF, Verband Schweizer Papeterien VSP and Verband Schweizer Spielwarenendetaillisten VSSD, Jenni said.

There is "a general public interest, both on the part of consumers and competitors in Switzerland, that Seco quickly clarifies, in the same way as the authorities abroad, whether Temu complies with the rules of fair competition in accordance with the Federal Act against Unfair Competition and the requirements for advertising with discounts in accordance with the Price Disclosure Ordinance", Jenni continued. If this is not the case, the association expects the authorities to "enforce the relevant regulations and penalties against Temu in accordance with the aforementioned legal texts". (SDA)

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