CHF 250 in the shopping cart: that was Black Friday in Switzerland

The discount battle is over - and the Swiss have added products for an average of CHF 250 to their shopping cart, according to an analysis by That is CHF 15 more than in the previous year. According to the analysis, customers appear to have made more targeted purchases.

Image: Tamanna Rumee; Unsplash.

Black Friday has returned to the growth zone this year. Around CHF 490 million was generated in the Swiss non-food retail sector within 24 hours. This is CHF 10 million more than in the previous year. CHF 115 million was generated in the online channel. This is shown by an analysis by According to this, the majority of sales from the non-food retail sector, CHF 375 million, were generated in bricks-and-mortar retail. The remaining CHF 115 million came from online retail.

Around the same amount sold as last year

Both channels grew by CHF 5 million compared to the previous year. Adjusted for inflation, approximately the same amount was sold as in the previous year. The average shopping basket in online retail amounted to a good CHF 250 this Black Friday. That is CHF 15 more than in the previous year. This indicates that more expensive products were specifically purchased. The increase in the average shopping basket was to be expected, according to the experts at, as many consumers postponed purchases until Black Friday due to the higher prices and the generally gloomy consumer mood.

High-priced items such as new cell phones, computers, televisions and furniture were particularly popular. Cheaper products, which tend to be bought spontaneously, were less in demand this year. The conversion rate, i.e. the proportion of online store visitors who actually make a purchase, fell from 5.5% to 5.1% this year. This also indicates that although many customers were interested in the promotions, they mainly limited themselves to pre-planned purchases.

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