A third of Swiss people would abolish Black Friday

A representative survey shows that many customers are in favor of abolishing the annual consumer event. Nevertheless, Blackfridaydeals.ch assumes that Swiss retail sales on Black Friday will increase slightly again this year to CHF 490 million.

Image: Tamanna Rumee; Unsplash.

A representative survey of more than 1,000 respondents from German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland commissioned by Blackfridaydeals.ch shows: Only 19 percent of Swiss people think that there are higher discounts on a wider range of products on Black Friday than during other discount campaigns during the year. A further quarter of the people surveyed by Demoscope stated that although the discounts are not higher, they do apply to a wider range of products. The rest, i.e. a majority of Swiss people, do not perceive any difference between Black Friday and other discount campaigns.

Nevertheless, the company expects November 24 to be the day with the highest sales for the retail sector in 2023. Overall, Blackfridaydeals.ch forecasts retail sales of CHF 490 million in the non-food sector on Black Friday. According to the press release, online retail is likely to account for around CHF 115 million of this. This corresponds to an increase of CHF 5 million each in online and offline retail. The increase in sales is roughly in line with inflation.

Abolish Black Friday

Black Friday leads to a lot of overtime for employees in the retail trade and shipping companies. The survey shows that Swiss men and women in particular sympathize with the employees. A third of respondents think that Overtime should be prevented by extending Black Friday over a longer period or by retailers hiring more temporary staff. Another third of respondents believe that Black Friday should be abolished altogether due to the strain it puts on employees. The final third, on the other hand, see no problem with the numerous overtime hours and therefore see no reason to show solidarity. The German-speaking Swiss, men, working people and people from higher-income households in particular believe that overtime is also normal in other jobs and therefore see no need for action

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