Shoppers want to spend less on Black Friday

The consumer mood in Switzerland has deteriorated. According to surveys, this is also likely to be reflected in the discount battles on Black Friday in the retail trade. Retailers are also risking their credibility.

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According to a survey conducted by GfK on behalf of, customers are more likely to hold back this year. In 2022, 48% of respondents spent an average of 289 francs on Black Friday. This year, only 41% of survey participants intend to spend money on the discount day and are planning an average budget of CHF 261.

According to the shopping platform, clothing, PCs or laptops and household appliances such as vacuum cleaners are very popular. According to the survey, consoles and video games as well as TV sets and toys are less likely to be purchased. In previous years, these categories were more popular, according to the report.

Retailers risk credibility

According to a survey by Demoscope, the retail trade is also facing further challenges. According to the survey, around two thirds of consumers believe that retailers are losing credibility due to high discounts.

Excessive discounts lead potential customers to assume that the regular prices are too high. Retailers are therefore forced to perform a balancing act, according to the survey published on Thursday by the shopping portal

During the summer and winter sales, it is clearer what the discounts are for. With Black Friday, however, the discounts are sometimes less easy to understand: "Retailers are therefore increasingly responsible for communicating a plausible reason for the high discounts to consumers," says Julian Zrotz from

Origin of Black Friday

Black Friday has its origins - like so many things - in the USA. There, the bargain day takes place on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Many Americans tend to start their Christmas shopping on the long weekend after the holiday.

In the USA, people wait outside the closed doors on Friday night to be the first to benefit from the limited discounts. However, Black Friday has not always been the best-selling day of the year in the USA. It only took its first place on the podium in 2005.

In Switzerland, the bargain day only became better known and more important for retailers ten years later. In 2015, Manor was the first major retailer to offer its customers its first discount campaigns on Black Friday. (Simon Stahl/AWP/swi)

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