Swiss Post expects slightly lower parcel volumes at the end of the year in 2023

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and then the Christmas shopping season: the Swiss go on another shopping spree at the end of the year. However, Swiss Post is expecting a slightly lower flood of parcels this year than in 2022.

A Swiss Post delivery van with the new logo, designed by Jung von Matt Brand Identity. (Image: Daniel Hager)

The "parcel peak season" is just around the corner for Swiss Post employees. Last year, the yellow giant sent 22 million parcels across the country between Black Friday and Christmas. This year, however, a slightly lower volume of parcels is expected.

However, Swiss Post believes it is well equipped to cope with the flood of parcels, as a spokeswoman told the news agency AWP. In the current year, new parcel centers have been opened in Pratteln, Wallisellen and Härkingen, for example.

The daily sorting capacity has thus increased by around 20 percent compared to 2022. "This means we are already well prepared for the higher parcel volumes in the coming weeks," said the spokeswoman.

And in contrast to the advertising delivery area, where Swiss Post is cutting jobs, the parcel service has expanded its workforce. Compared to 2020, there are around 550 more full-time positions in delivery and parcel sorting. During the "parcel peak season", around 500 additional temporary employees will also be working in the parcel centers.

Conveyor belts run hot

The conveyor belts will hardly come to rest. In the large parcel centers in Daillens, Härkingen and Frauenfeld, they will be running for up to 22 hours a day in the coming weeks, according to the spokeswoman. The usual time is 18 hours. Parcels will also be sorted on Saturdays during this time.

In order to get the parcels to the recipients, more than 400 additional delivery rounds are planned every day until after Christmas. Around 330 delivery vans will be temporarily rented for this purpose, the statement continues. (SDA/swi)

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