The GL of Migros Supermarkt AG is fixed

Migros has now also appointed the management for its new supermarket AG. The orange giant had already recently announced the head of the unit. Rémy Müller will take over as Head of Marketing Communications.

Rémy Müller takes over as Head of Marketing Communications at Migros Supermarkt AG.

According to a statement on Monday, the Executive Board of the new organization, which is scheduled to start operations at the beginning of 2024, consists of the following members: Sandra Stöckli (Fresh), Grégory Décaillet (Food), Ruth Vögtlin (Near/Non Food), Samuel Bauert (Sales), Tomislav Pavicic (Operations) and Sven Nef (Finance/Services).

Rémy Müller, who has been responsible for the Marketing Communications and E-Commerce departments at Denner since 2020, will take over the management of Marketing Communications. Before joining Denner in 2016, he worked for various agencies in consulting and later also in strategy.

On the designated CEO of the new Migros Supermarkt AG was elected, as is well known, Peter Diethelmwho previously headed the Migros Cooperative of Eastern Switzerland.

At the beginning of May, the retailer announced that it wanted to reform its supermarket business to make it more effective. It is to be located in a new subsidiary at MGB; until now, the regional cooperatives had run the supermarkets independently. One of the aims of the merger is to improve the price-performance ratio. (SDA/swi)

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