Galaxus: Smartphone orders generate the most sales

The device shift from desktop to mobile has been on the horizon for years. Now it's a reality: for the first time in its history, Galaxus is making the most sales from orders placed via smartphone.
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The number of orders placed via mobile increased by 25.4 percent compared with the previous year. Almost as many orders are now placed via smartphone as via desktop - i.e. on a computer or laptop.

Ordering products: more and more often with the cell phone

Sales via mobile increased by 23.1 percent. Sales via desktop, on the other hand, remained at the prior-year level. This is the value of incoming orders. In other words, the value of all products ordered, excluding subsequent cancellations or any returns.

However, the majority of sales - at Digitec and Galaxus combined - still come in via desktop: around 60 percent more than via smartphone. This is because Digitec customers in particular prefer to order on their computer or laptop when buying more expensive electronic products.

Mobile traffic on Galaxus takes a leap

In 2022, there were not only more orders and more sales via mobile, but also more sessions via smartphone. In other words, visits to online stores. Mobile traffic increased by 17.2 percent year-on-year. However, sessions on the desktop declined (-2.7 percent).

At Digitec, 50 percent of traffic is distributed across mobile, and 50 percent across desktop and tablet. At Galaxus, the proportion of users surfing Galaxus on their cell phones increased over the year. In January, the figure was 46.5 percent; in December, it was already 5 percent higher.

"What sounds like little, however, is a considerable leap in e-commerce," says Rosina Sigrist, behavioral data specialist at Digitec Galaxus, adding: "This trend picked up speed within the last two years. I'm curious to see whether the mobile advance will continue to this extent in 2023."

Premiere at Galaxus: More sales via smartphone

A device shift is emerging among the Galaxus customer base: while sales via desktop were still well over 50 percent two years ago, a changing of the guard was announced in 2022. "July 2022 was the first month in which we generated more sales via mobile than desktop. In December 2022, we reached the peak value to date with 51.4 percent revenue via mobile," says Rosina.

Mobile shopping at the weekend

Most desktop traffic is recorded on Mondays, after which it decreases slightly over the weekdays. In terms of traffic, the weakest weekday for desktop is Saturday, followed by Sunday. On the weekend days, there is all the more mobile traffic. The busiest time of day for desktop traffic is shortly before noon. Mobile traffic peaks between eight and nine o'clock in the evening.

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