Influence purchase decisions when planning purchases

In a world where new products are constantly emerging and consumers are constantly changing their buying behavior, brands and retailers are faced with this question: How do I reach my target group(s)? The shopping app Bring! places ads at the time of the purchase decision. Here we describe why this point in time is so relevant.

In recent years, more and more platforms have developed that offer advertisers innovative and targeted mobile native advertising. There are also providers who play native advertising in the context of shopping and purchase planning for consumers.

Why purchasing planning in particular? This is so crucial for the shopping process, because consumers make purchasing decisions at precisely this moment and deal intensively with products and brands. This means that this part of the shopper journey should not be neglected by advertisers.

The shopping list app Bring! is particularly successful here, offering brands and retailers a variety of effective native advertising formats in the context of shopping planning. "Our shopping list app Bring! accompanies millions of people every week through all phases of shopping - from inspiration, to planning, to in front of the supermarket shelf," says Nadine Müller, Head of Sales at Bring! "With different mobile native advertising solutions, we enable FMCG brands to effectively reach their customer:s at the moment of purchase decision through targeted product placements along the entire shopping process."

Remarkable Native Ad Campaign: Emmi Achieves Record Values

The success of this concept is demonstrated by a campaign from the Swiss dairy product manufacturer Emmi. With the clear goal of activating additional target groups and sustainably increasing brand awareness, the popular dairy products manufacturer worked together with Bring! Central components of the campaign were a sponsored category and sponsored products as native ad formats in the Bring! App.

In order to promote Emmi Genusstage particularly effectively, a special category called "Dairy Products" was created in the Bring! App with the name "Dairy products". This category was displayed directly to users of the Bring! App and was thus able to attract a lot of attention.

Anyone who searched for certain suitable keywords on Bring! to put them on their shopping list was shown Emmi Caffè Latte, for example, as a separate product tile. With just one click on the tile, the entire range of varieties opened up, making it possible to plan purchases in an even more personalized way.

The campaign was supplemented by various formats to raise awareness as a source of inspiration. The results were fully convincing: 10.04 million impressions and 25,674 engagements clearly exceeded expectations.

"Our campaign for the Emmi Genusstage with Bring! proved how effective the ad formats in the Bring! App are. For this reason, we are currently planning further marketing campaigns. Bring! is our partner when it comes to effective attention-grabbing sales promotion measures!"

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