Notch & Adobe Switzerland invite you to Summer Camp

Das Thema Customer Experience spielt vor allem im E-Commerce eine besondere Rolle. Im Rahmen des ersten Summer Camps von Notch & Adobe am 1. September werden Fragen zum Thema beantwortet – mittels Impuls-Referaten und gemeinsamen Working Sessions.

Summer Camp"The commerce sector has recognized the importance of journey optimization and personalization. We are increasingly seeing this in B2B as well. That's why we decided to explicitly develop an offer for this," says Joas Landis from Notch, explaining the genesis of the Summer Camp.

The event will focus on the transformation of the customer experience in times of data-driven marketing. For example, it will be explained why pure touchpoint optimization is no longer sufficient these days. And what is important to implement a successful customer experience in the company.

The topics "Technology and Multi-Channel", "Personalization of Lead Journeys" and "Special Features in the B2B Area" will also be discussed. In addition, a concrete e-commerce problem will be worked on in an interactive working session. In this way, the theory taught can be immediately tested in concrete application.

The Summer Camp will take place on September 1 from 3:30 pm and is free of charge for all participants. You can register at

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