Audienzz launches "Emvoy" newsletter advertising network

"Emvoy" bundles the advertising offers of over 20 premium publishers in Switzerland's first newsletter advertising network. It now allows advertisers to place in-email ads in both the cost-per-mille and pay-per-click models.

This means that campaigns can be played out simultaneously in over 70 newsletters in all three national languages. With more than 2.3 million subscribers and 35 million ad impressions per month, "Emvoy" is the newsletter advertising network with the widest reach in Switzerland.

The portfolio of the "Emvoy" network includes the newsletter offerings of,, and numerous other Swiss premium publishers. According to Audienzz, the above-average click rates on article teasers confirm that content on current world events or on specific topics is particularly important to recipients. Audienzz guarantees that relevant target groups are reached by only sending newsletters to people who have registered as subscribers and thus have a genuine interest in receiving relevant information.

Audienzz is positioning itself as a leading tech expert in this segment with "Emvoy". "Not only do we use a dedicated ad server, but we also ensure a highly efficient process via the integration of new technologies into the online advertising platform Adconsole," says Nora Chapero, Head of Business Development at Audienzz. Audienzz's goal, she said, is to strengthen long-term relationships with its partners. "With innovations like the new 'Emvoy' product, we succeed in bringing the full spectrum of publishing services to the advertising market."

Advertisers are to benefit from curated advertising environments with high credibility and dedicated topic areas. "Emvoy" offers advertisers the opportunity to land directly in the mailbox of their target groups with in-email ads - without the use of third-party cookies. Customers have the option of booking in-email ads either in a single newsletter or as a group. They can choose between a top ad in the header or a branding or native ad format embedded in the newsletter content. The delivery of the ads is fully automated.


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