After merger: job cuts affect 70 employees of Swiss Marketplace Group

The merger of Scout24 Switzerland and TX Markets to form SMG Swiss Marketplace Group (SMG) in November 2021 has led to overlapping resources. 70 of a total of 638 employees are now affected by job cuts.

 CEO Gilles Despas informed the employees of SMG about a possible restructuring on May 24, 2022. As a result, a two-week consultation process was opened on the employee side. After the end of this consultation process, Gilles Despas informed today, June 13, 2022, in a company-wide event that a reduction of jobs is necessary for the further development of the company. This will affect 70 employees in seven operations at five sites. SMG is offering all departing employees a comprehensive social plan on a voluntary basis.

The merger of certain activities, which is common in the aftermath of most mergers, will not have any negative impact on SMG's customers, the company says. The company is confident that the measure taken will enable SMG's brands to be positioned more strongly and in a more targeted manner and that its products and services can be optimized even more efficiently. On the one hand, a strong Swiss marketplace operator offers advantages to its customers. At the same time, SMG can face the challenges of global competitive pressure. SMG's goal remains unchanged: to build a successful and strong network of online marketplaces that makes life easier for the Swiss population with forward-looking products.

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