Metro Boutique: More sales with Google campaign from Ad Agents

With a restructured set-up from the Ad Agents agency, the fashion retailer was able to optimize its business on and offline.

Online sales have become increasingly important for the Swiss fashion specialist Metro Boutique. Despite the highly competitive environment in the fashion mail order business, sales online are to be significantly increased and profitability optimized. The introduction of an innovative campaign set-up on Google brings the desired success.

The Swiss young fashion store Metro Boutique has 22 stores throughout Switzerland and is also present in the Swiss market around the clock with its online store.

In order to achieve the desired online growth, the fashion professional enlisted the help of the Ad Agents agency, which used its creativity and expertise to initiate growth-oriented further development.

New set-up, full-funnel formats and artificial intelligence

In February 2021, Ad Agents laid the foundation for success with a fundamental restructuring of SEA accounts. The core element is the separation of brand and non-brand campaigns. With the introduction of Google Smart Bidding in the brand area, it was possible to save a significant amount of budget, which was then available for non-brand campaigns.

All relevant touchpoints in search were served with ads (full-funnel approach) and linked with intelligent targeting. Text and shopping ads were continuously optimized, app campaigns integrated, and smart display campaigns introduced. This last channel in particular has been particularly successful in attracting new customers and is important for further growth.

The optimized Google Shopping campaigns recorded 233 percent more conversions in a half-year comparison with the previous year. With a growth-oriented further development of Metro Boutique, the additional profit was reinvested so that over 50 percent more budget could be used with the same KUR (cost-sales ratio).

The full-funnel strategy has already covered a large number of potential touchpoints and will be expanded even further in the future. In the second quarter of 2022, additional videos will be used for the social channels and the use of smart display will be expanded in order to serve users even better with targeted ads in the respective channel.

Denis Spycher, Head of E-Commerce at Metro Boutique, says: "Innovative approaches are important to us in order to stand out in the competitive environment. The enormous success of the shopping campaigns and the full-funnel strategy surprised us - and whetted our appetite for further increases. In the next step, together with ad agents, we will focus on our strength as an omnichannel provider and optimize the campaigns for online and offline."

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