relaunches bonus program

Regular shopping at should now be even more rewarding: The online retailer is relaunching its " Plus" bonus program. Private customers who place five or more orders per year will now benefit from unique advantages. lanciert Bonusprogramm neu

What the frequent flyer program is to the airline and the stamp card is to the pizza delivery service, " Plus" is to

The online retailer launches its new bonus program. " regular customers appreciate not only our product range and our delivery speed, but also our reliability and our multiple award-winning customer service," says Marc Isler, CEO of That's why loyal customers should be rewarded with exclusive services.

According to the press release, the bonus program recently entered the open beta phase with selected customer groups and is now open to all private customers of the online retailer.

With five orders per year or more

With " Plus", customers can extend the order deadline for orders to the following working day by one hour. The online retailer also offers exclusive discount promotions and waives the fees for small orders worth less than CHF 50 or for the gift service three times a year. After the beta phase, plans to add further benefits on an ongoing basis.

To benefit from the "Plus" advantages, private customers must place at least five orders per calendar year with

Previously fee-based advantage program to be replaced

With the bonus program, the online retailer hopes that customers will increase their order frequency and commit to in the long term.

The new bonus program also replaces the previous advantage program with the same name. The old " Plus" was launched at the end of 2016 and offered a reduced small-volume surcharge, an extended warranty on a product of choice, and a few more benefits for an annual fee of 49 francs.

The realignment is aimed at the important group of loyal customers who benefit free of charge, according to The online retailer is making a transitional offer to current subscribers of the old "Plus".

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