Syndicom wants higher minimum wage for parcel carriers

The Syndicom union is calling for significant wage increases for the employees it represents in the coming year. It justifies this in particular with inflation and the effects of the Corona pandemic.


Inflation is expected to rise by up to 1 percent this fall, Syndicom wrote in a statement on Thursday. If the economy recovers, this should also have an impact on wages.

In the communiqué, the union highlighted, among other things, the situation of employees in the delivery and courier industry. The boom in online trade due to the pandemic has further increased competition in this sector. This is putting employees' wages under pressure.

Syndicom therefore sees Postcom, the Federal Postal Commission, as having a duty to set minimum standards in the postal market: It should raise the current minimum wage of CHF 18.27 per hour.

2 percent more for booksellers

According to Syndicom, the Corona crisis has also brought a high workload for booksellers. The union is demanding a real wage increase of 2 percent or at least 100 francs per month for employees in the book industry.

Syndicom also wants 1.2 to 1.7 percent more pay for employees in the network infrastructure sector. In times of home office, these employees make a significant contribution to the economic supply of the country, the statement said.

Syndicom says it represents more than 30,000 members from the communications and media sectors - in a total of 14 industries. (SDA)

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