Online trade is flourishing thanks to Corona

Online trade is booming thanks to Corona. Nine out of ten internet stores grew during the pandemic, according to an analysis by the Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW. Compared to 2019, sales are expected to increase by 50 percent.

Der Onlinehandel blüht dank Corona

The strong growth in online trade has continued since the beginning of the pandemic until today, according to the study published on Wednesday by the ZHAW School of Management and Law. In addition, not only are more orders being placed on the Internet, but they are also being placed more frequently on average: "Around 40 percent are reporting a higher order frequency," the survey of 284 Swiss Internet retailers and 63 online stores from neighboring Austria states.

Record sales expected

Many online retailers have thus recently benefited threefold. In addition to the influx of new customers, Internet stores have also enjoyed higher purchase volumes and frequencies, says ZHAW researcher Darius Zumstein, summarizing the findings.

"Overall, we estimate that sales in Swiss online retail will reach at least 15 billion Swiss francs in 2021," according to the forecast. That would correspond to an increase of almost 50 percent compared to 2019.

The "Online Retailer Survey 2021" was conducted by the Institute of Marketing Management at the ZHAW School of Management and Law. According to the information provided, the 365 online stores surveyed are active in the private and business customer sectors as well as manufacturer online stores. The survey took place for the fourth time this year. (SDA)

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