E-commerce trend on the social web on the rise

Over the past twelve months, the number of consumers shopping on social media platforms has increased dramatically. By far the leader is TikTok, with a 567 percent increase, according to a survey by Bazaarvoice.

E-Commerce-TrendAccording to the study, Twitter came in second with a plus of 300 percent, followed by Pinterest with a plus of 250 percent.

Nevertheless, the platforms are not the first choice. 77 percent of shoppers use the website of the respective brand for their online purchases, 54 percent Instagram. More than half of those surveyed are also "sometimes" tempted to buy a new and "unknown" brand that is offered on a social media platform.

Nearly three-quarters - about 73 percent - of respondents have recently purchased a new product on social media, and 55 percent say they have chosen a new brand to the detriment of their other choices. The survey shows that 50 percent of consumers who choose a new brand offered on social media are guided by their own needs and wants. 49 percent see product benefits and features, as well as ingredients, as reasons for purchase. 29 percent were influenced by price.

Danger for stationary trade

The gap between those who buy online and in stores is greatest for cosmetic goods. 89 percent prefer the web, 35 percent the store. For health and wellness products, the figures are 42 and 24 percent respectively. The survey also shows that the use and influence of social media is increasing. 84 percent of respondents admit this. The cause is likely to be the restrictions due to the Corona pandemic. (pte)

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