Online shoppers quickly run out of patience

Online shoppers in Switzerland are impatient: if an order is delayed, one in three people will be annoyed within two days. At the same time, the majority find sustainable delivery at least as important as speed. This is the result of a representative survey commissioned by online retailer Digitec Galaxus.

Punctuality is a Swiss virtue. In this country, this is also reflected in the expectations when shopping online: If the retailer's delivery is delayed, 94 out of 100 online shoppers still show understanding for a one-day delay. However, one in three is annoyed after just two days. And with delays of three to six days, three quarters have long since lost patience. This is the result of a representative survey conducted by the GfK polling institute on behalf of Digitec Galaxus. Men, city dwellers, French-speaking countries and young people are the most likely to be annoyed.

On the other hand, around four out of ten respondents said that fast delivery was more important to them than their carbon footprint when shopping online. Here, too, men are said to be particularly quick: Almost half of them put the environment behind their need to have the new cell phone or the fresh pack of coffee beans in their mailbox the very next day. When it comes to place of residence, it is clear that city dwellers and the French are the most impatient online shoppers. When weighted by age, the 30 to 49 year olds want their orders the fastest - even if this results in more waste gas.

"The environment is at least as important to us as fast delivery," says Michael Stolle, COO in charge of logistics at Digitec Galaxus. The online retailer ships all products from its own warehouse with Swiss Post. Anyone who orders by the evening usually has the package in their mailbox or on their doorstep the next working day. Swiss Post is committed to low-CO2 delivery and has a fleet of around 6000 electric scooters powered by green electricity. In the city of Zurich, Digitec Galaxus also offers lightning delivery on the same day as the order. Couriers from the Swiss Post subsidiary NoTime bring the orders to the door without additional cardboard packaging and with CO2-neutral e-bikes.

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