Everyday Heroes Association is a tribute to the retailers of Switzerland

On Monday, the Swiss Retail Association is launching the "Everyday Heroes" retail trade association. The initiators want to draw attention to the importance of the retail trade, give something back to the everyday heroes on the front line and simply say thank you.

The retail trade in Switzerland has over 300,000 employees and more than 25,000 apprentices every year. This makes the retail trade the second largest sector and even the largest trainer of apprentices in Switzerland.

Long working hours and comparatively low wages are unfortunately still widespread in the retail trade. In addition, the demands on employees continue to increase and more and more tasks fall on the same number of people. Many work part-time, with irregular working hours and wages with room for improvement, and often have a family to support. The pressure is increasing.

Reward for dedication and commitment

"Day after day, retailers are there for our society with their tireless commitment and dedication. That's why they are real everyday heroes for us and we say thank you", says Stefano Farro, initiator of "Alltagshelden - der Detailhandelsverband". The newly launched association focuses on retail trade employees and provides them with support and assistance from various sides.

The new platform everydayheroes.org is basically open to everyone and offers valuable input via news, jobs and other areas even without membership. Those who decide to become a member for CHF 44 per year can benefit from various support offers and advantages from well-known partners

Open to new ideas - the voice of the members counts

The association Alltagshelden always wants to develop and improve. Therefore, the opinion of the members counts. Anyone who has a good idea or a suggestion for improvement can report it at any time and thus also make an important contribution to further development.

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