MAGNWALL. The ingenious shop & shopfitting system.

Richnerstutz AG revolutionizes the Swiss product presentation with a completely new system without cables and batteries. MAGNWALL is the most innovative and flexible shop and shopfitting system on the market.

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Magnetic shop window presentation? Richnerstutz makes it possible.

Who hasn't wondered if a magnetic power supply would be possible? We're not there yet - but Richnerstutz is bringing magnetic power supply to the Swiss POS environment.

Wireless product displays help brands present products and exhibits more effectively and cost-efficiently. Without screws, grids or cables, luminaires, shelving systems and digital signage and merchandising elements can be positioned seamlessly on all MAGNWALL surfaces. Flexibility has a new name: MAGNWALL.

To position electrical devices and accessories on surfaces, magnets with the highest, scalable adhesive force are used. The magic happens as soon as a small built-in connector touches the surface. Immediately, electricity with a voltage of 24 V flows through the device and makes it light up, talk, play music or display media content.

MAGNWALL's product displays allow accessories to be positioned grid-free wherever one pleases on MAGNWALL surfaces. A luminaire can be attached to the wall in an instant and placed on the ceiling within seconds - highlighting elements as desired.

Here's how it works: MAGNWALL Richnerstutz

Customer Experience at the POS

With MAGNWALL, an inspiring, flexible and multifunctional environment can be created for an analogue as well as digital presentation experience for the customer experience at the POS. The sustainable system saves effort and costs and also protects the environment, as the reusable products create less waste during redesigns.

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Many years of experience with product presentations at the POS

Thanks to many years of know-how in the field of product presentation and the possibility of manufacturing individual MAGNWALL solutions directly in-house, Richnerstutz can offer everything from a single source and, if required, also realise expanding communication elements. The development forge from Villmergen leaves nothing to be desired.

Even during the Corona crisis, Richnerstutz's concentrated innovative power was impressively demonstrated. Within a few days, the CountMe people counting system was designed, developed and rolled out across Europe. And it is still making a valuable and reliable contribution to pandemic control today.

No less sensational is the commissioning of the first digital guest information system in the outdoor area at 3000 meters above sea level. Richnerstutz developed a special construction that not only defies wind and weather, but also offers a resolution that is unique worldwide. The system is controlled by the award-winning software solution "Play Everywhere" from Netvico, a Richnerstutz company.

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Image source: MAGNWALL

The Richnerstutz AG turns interiors and architecture, temporary structures, events and trade fair construction, outdoor advertising and digital signage communication into a three-dimensional experience. The company is a 24-hour operation, has a production area of 12,000 square metres and employs 140 people. Richnerstutz is a public limited company under Swiss law and is based in Villmergen AG.

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