Migros launches Amazon Prime-style subscription programme

Migros Aare is testing a new membership program with a flat delivery rate and loyalty system. The pilot project, called M-Plus, is designed in the style of Amazon's successful Amazon Prime model and is currently being tested in the Bern area, as the Handelszeitung writes in its current issue.


For a monthly subscription fee, participants will benefit from free grocery deliveries, double Cumulus points and permanent discounts on popular products. Migros Aare confirms the launch of the pilot project, citing the "increase in online frequency due to the elimination of delivery fees and convenience benefits across the Migros universe" as the goal. 


Customer loyalty

From the new program, which involves Migros subsidiaries such as Digitec Galaxus, Le Shop and individual specialty stores, the Aare cooperative hopes to "increase share-of-wallet across the entire Migros ecosystem," as the Handelszeitung writes. What is meant by this is the intention to bind customers much more strongly to the Migros universe. Any plans to expand M-Plus would only be defined after a successful pilot phase. 


Amazon copy?

Whether and to what extent the pilot project is a copy of Amazon Prime is commented on by the Aare cooperative as follows: "Migros always looks around in the market and checks whether other business models and ideas can offer our customers added value". For retail experts, however, it is clear that with M-Plus, Migros Aare is copying key elements of the Amazon Prime model, which has over 150 million paying members worldwide and is considered one of the most important building blocks of the US giant's success.

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