"The digital advertising market is developing too slowly"

ONLINE ADVERTISING Stephan Obwegeser was recently elected as the new president of the IAB Switzerland. In an interview with MK, he reveals the importance of digital advertising in Switzerland, where the biggest challenges lie and which forms of advertising are on the rise. Stephan Obwegeser, Head of Digital Advertising & Services at Tamedia and new President of the [...]

Stephan Obwegeser, Head of Digital Advertising & Services at Tamedia and new President of IAB Switzerland.MK How is the digital advertising market developing in Switzerland and where are the biggest challenges? STEPHAN OBWEGESER I would say this one is developing steadily, but slowly. Too slowly, in my opinion. The reasons for this are complex; for example, lack of knowledge and trust, complicated processes and procedures, high complexity and fragmentation of offerings, uncertainties in dealing with ever new developments.Our challenges certainly lie in continuing to strengthen the credibility and acceptance of digital advertising, for example with a relevant advertising effectiveness study. We must continue to work on basic training and provide appropriate offerings. We should also ensure that planning processes are simpler and uniform, clear currencies for relevant KPIs are available or provided.And last but not least, we must ensure that we design digital advertising offers in such a way that production costs for customers can be kept within reasonable limits. It doesn't make sense if every site develops its own format and a customer then has to produce umpteen formats to place a digital campaign with relevant reach.MK New forms of advertising such as "native ads" and video advertising are in vogue. Has classic banner advertising had its day?OBWEGESER The 468×60 pixel banner certainly already has rarity value. But not display advertising in general. Attractive large formats have developed here, which can have an outstanding branding effect. And in the mobile sector, too, a number of display innovations have already come onto the market this year. Native ads are old wine in new wineskins, although the old wine certainly tastes good! Video and moving images are a clear trend that is growing strongly.MK You are Head of Digital Advertising at Tamedia. What is particularly important to your advertising customers when you want to place online advertising?OBWEGESER As Tamedia, we cover many needs. Customers who are looking for specific environments and want to be present on strong media brands occupy individual titles directly. Customers who want to address specific target groups or place performance-based advertising use PPN, Tamedia's premium performance network. What all customers have in common is that they want good service, a high level of consulting expertise, professional reporting and, of course, an attractive price-performance ratio.MK More and more traffic is shifting to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. However, online advertising enjoys little acceptance there. What must successful mobile advertising look like?OBWEGESER It should definitely get to the heart of the message with few words and clear images. Less is more here! It should also not be too aggressive. Mobile users are more sensitive to annoying advertising, as it is more dominant on mobile devices than on a normal computer screen. And finally, a consistent mobile experience should be guaranteed. The disappointment is great when a user clicks on a mobile ad and lands on a page that is not optimized for mobile devices.MK We have more and more data at our disposal. Nevertheless, there are many users who are critical of "re-targeting," for example, and find it "frightening" what we do with their data. What are the limits of data analysis for online advertising?OBWEGESER I believe that it's less about the question of limits, but rather about the transparency of what is being done and the possibility of being able to determine this for oneself. But of course there are also limits - for me, these are where advertising is persistently annoying or personal data is made available to third parties without my knowledge or consent.MK Which digital forms of advertising will gain in importance in the future and why?OBWEGESER On the one hand, video advertising for two reasons:1. video ads can often be taken over from classic TV advertising, and are therefore attractive from the customer and agency point of view, as only a small amount of additional effort is required for production2. The consumption and production of moving image content in digital media is increasing strongly. On the other hand, mobile advertising is also increasing, as the use of digital media is developing rapidly in the direction of mobile devices and new, large-format mobile advertising formats placed in the content are making mobile advertising attractive.Interview: Simon Wolanin
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