"On the social web, we stage the everyday".

DIGITAL MARKETING Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich (VBZ) has had a presence on the social web networks for some time now. Digital communication tools are now firmly established. Elina Fleischmann, Project Manager Corporate Communications at VBZ and graduate of CAS Digital Marketing, explains why it is worthwhile for VBZ to be on the Internet as well. Elina Fleischmann is [...]

Elina Fleischmann is a project manager in corporate communications at Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich (VBZ) and a graduate of CAS Digital Marketing. MK How important are digital tools in corporate and market communications for Zurich Public Transport today?ELINA FLEISCHMANN Digital tools are very important for our communications departments. Why? Quite simply: Because they allow a dialog and we can thus communicate with our customers directly and in a new way. On the one hand, this creates proximity to the company. We can place messages that are not suitable for media relations. We can communicate in a more playful way. We can take in and process input from fans. We can ask users for their opinion. So we can try something there that is not possible on our traditional website. And we can do all this directly, in a short time, and on clear channels.MK What goals are VBZ pursuing with communication on the web?FLEISCHMANN Basically, all our activities on the social web are about telling stories that relate to the lives of people in the city or concern the core story of VBZ. So we primarily pursue a storytelling approach, with the aim of covering topics that are important to us relating to mobility in Zurich or curating content from third parties in our channels. Of course, we are also very happy to be inspired by stories from our community, which we take up and push further.Generally speaking, we want to boldly enter into dialog with all stakeholders with VBZ and be perceived as an interlocutor at eye level. This also means that we give our customers and employees the opportunity to engage in dialog with VBZ and let them act as ambassadors for the company.MK What does the digital media mix look like at VBZ?FLEISCHMANN At the moment we are working on an online magazine, I don't want to say more about that. But it will certainly become the digital heart of communication. At the moment we are running a Company page on Facebook, maintain a Youtube channel and would like to start very soon on our already existing Twitter channel communicate. In 2011, the Züri-West streetcar was opened. And to show people what opportunities there are to discover in Zurich West besides the new streetcar tracks, we created the Blogger platform westnetz.ch launched. This form of market launch has worked well. Our HR marketing is also active on the social media channels and, in addition to Xing and LinkedIn profiles, also maintain a Facebook page for job seekers.MK How have VBZ sensitized employees to the topics of "digital" and "social"? To what extent are they involved in the dialog?FLEISCHMANN Employees are kept informed about our online activities on an ongoing basis. This usually takes the form of presentations or internal training sessions. Last year, we offered three lunchtime events where employees could learn the basics of social media.At the moment, we are on tour with our "Digital Communication Strategy". That means we are visiting the meetings of the various divisions and telling them more about the digital communication strategy in the VBZ company. Because it's very important to us that the divisions are involved. This is the only way we can tell and publish authentic stories from all areas (technology, operations, infrastructure, personnel, etc.).MK How did you benefit from participating in CAS Digital Marketing at the ZHAW in your role as Project Manager Corporate Communications?FLEISCHMANN Thanks to the CAS Digital Marketing, I can assess the individual advantages and disadvantages of the different channels and use the right instruments depending on the project/topic, which are also in line with higher-level goals. At the moment, we are in the process of implementing the topic I worked on in my final thesis, "A corporate blog for VBZ".MK To whom would you recommend participation in the CAS Digital Marketing at the ZHAW?FLEISCHMANN All persons involved with online media in their day-to-day work, whether strategic or operational. The course is suitable for people from corporate and marketing communications, customer relationship management, product development and innovation. It is always best when what is learned can be applied immediately in everyday professional life.

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