How online store users make their purchasing decisions

WEBSHOPS Nowadays, online stores shape the shopping behavior of many people. But what considerations accompany online shoppers before, during and after shopping? Possible thought processes on this subject are summarized below. The fact is that online shopping is on the rise. How do online shoppers make their decisions? René Zeier tries to shed some light on the subject.BY RENÉ ZEIER*In the meantime, the access options to various [...]

How do online shoppers make their decisions? René Zeier tries to shed light on this.FROM RENÉ ZEIER*The access options to various online stores have become very sophisticated. Via newsletters, links and banner ads, as well as while surfing, one is confronted with shopping portals. "Should I click on it - shouldn't I? The many offers reach me quickly and easily - and with a final click, the payment is triggered. " Many Internet purchases are planned and as facilitations no longer to be imagined without. Likewise, numerous spontaneous purchases take place because one cannot resist the online temptations.It is considered a truism that purchase decisions are shaped by many factors. Reflections before, during and after online shopping are fundamentally different. Based on numerous conversations and our own experiences, the following is a record of the thoughts that might accompany us.VacationMany probably start their online vacation planning with an initial idea. With search terms one will approach a vacation destination. Then it is breathtaking pictures, the ratings of former guests as well as the prices that cause the back-and-forth surfing on the Internet. The direct bookability is usually there - and yet the user often hesitates before the final payment click - because:- Aren't there even better offers on the net? I surf further.- Isn't there still the recommendation of a friend, which I forgot? I ask him.- These ratings could have been faked or at least influenced?- The price on the booking platform is attractive - but it would have to move down a bit if I booked directly. I ask directly at the hotel after.- So really warmed up I do not feel in front of the screen. And this time, which I have again verbraten. With a travel agency there would be specialists. Well, then the price will probably be higher again ...- Do I even want to go on vacation? Click!DressesThe selection is limitless. Top brands are available at the click of a mouse - and at super prices. You can use all kinds of criteria - the brand, the price, the color, the size, the cut, sorted by themes - but:- Do I even need this new piece of clothing? The storage space in the closet?- But yes - one treats oneself nothing else. And 100 other customers rated this piece as very fitting.- The size? O.k., I know my standard size, then order one size larger and one smaller. The return is in itself simple ... - or not ... again to the post office?- And at delivery I was not at home for the last time - then the pick-up slip - o.k., you could report this to the post office: please to the front door, hmmm ...- In the clothing store around the corner would still be the nice advice - the confirmation that it fits.- Do I even know what I want? So: what now? Click!Food Almost the entire food assortment of major distributors can be purchased online. Refrigerated products are delivered in refrigerated bags. Even a standing order could be placed, for example, for milk, bread, yogurt and the like - but:- The delivery will probably take place in a time window in which I am not at home. O.k. - in front of the door one can leave this deposited ...- And the fresh products? Weren't they only half ripe last time?- Every time the many new bags - o.k., that's part of it.- But going to the supermarket takes time - and then the queues at the checkout ...- And the social? Meeting neighbors briefly while shopping - but only briefly (!), that's enough.- Why do I even ask myself these questions? Click!MusicThe music industry is conditionally happy about the online access to their hard-earned productions. But it is a reality that young and also old download - or now stream down - the tracks they want from the net to listen to music - but:- If I want to lie down on the sofa at home and listen to music, I have to make an effort in advance and put together the songs I want. Do I take that time? The CD purchase still allowed to get whole music albums with the desired songs.- And how do I get the overview in my collection? There is no file rack - and looking at the screen again, no. Putting in a CD has its charm, or even more iconic are vinyl records. I don't want to show the electronic compilation to my colleagues anymore - O.K., reveries. One goes with the time - and the on-line purchase of music seems inevitable. The young ones are supposed to fix it ... Click!This is a modest attempt to present the areas of tension in the minds of online store users. But the question occupies: "Online yes - online no?" Ultimately, it is the experiences made which move one to more or less online shopping, as is the case with traditional commerce. Trust is everything - and this is where online stores have come a long way in the short past. The enormous investments in further online store developments prove this tendency.
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