Recommendations for action for the online marketing mix

DIGITAL COMMUNICATION The interplay of individual channels is essential in digital marketing. But striking the right notes and chords is difficult. Six specialized agencies reveal their recommendations for action - and where potential dissonance lurks. There are many ways to draw online users' attention to products and services. Which are the right marketing channels to bring about a buying decision?The [...]

There are many ways to make online users aware of products and services. Which are the right marketing channels to bring about a purchase decision?The number of online marketing channels is growing out of all proportion. Whether it's customer targeting, conversion or customer retention: The possible measures are numerous. SEO, SEA, display advertising, affiliate marketing, newsletters, and social media marketing are the most important tools for customer acquisition.The diversity continues in the conversion process: How can the landing page be optimized? How can the content be improved? Where is there a problem with the process flow? In the user guidance? And the keyboard includes even more areas when it comes to retaining customers - with CRM tools, personalization, e-mail contact, customer loyalty programs, referrals and social media marketing.MK has identified the six online agencies The House Agency, Adcloud, Goldbach Interactive, Adisfaction, Serranetga and Admazing asked about their recommendations for action - when should which channel be used?Download the PDF of the article: MK Magazine, Digital, Issue 10/2013

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