Meta announces increased protection for minors on Instagram

The digital company Meta wants to strengthen the protection of minors in its online networks, especially on the Instagram platform.

Before young people can change certain parameters on Instagram, they will in future have to obtain their parents' consent via the app, the US company explained on Thursday. In future, underage users will have to have their parents' explicit permission to switch their account from private to public, among other things.

The Meta Group includes Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, among others. The company has been heavily criticized for not protecting its users enough, especially children. With the changes that have now been announced, Meta wants to "better protect adolescents against unwanted contact", the company explained. In addition, parents should "be able to influence their children's internet experiences more easily".

For years, critics have accused Meta of making it too easy for pedophile users in particular to use its online networks and messenger services to distribute child pornography. More than 40 US states have already sued Meta for what they see as the company's inadequate protection of children in particular. The EU Commission has also opened an investigation into the child protection measures of Meta and other digital companies. (SDA)

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