New look for Blue News

The online news and entertainment portal Blue News presents itself in a new look. Expressive images, new comment functions and an even more prominent navigation are used for the individual sections.

The redesigned Blue News website has been online since the beginning of December. The expressive images are intended to allow users to participate even more closely in events. In the new community, they can also get involved and participate in discussions. A more prominent navigation for the areas of news, sports and entertainment is also intended to let them immerse themselves even more easily and directly in the worlds that interest them. And individual push messages are intended to provide even more personalization.

"The new look impresses with an even better user experience that leads our users directly to the content they are interested in. The user experience is not only visually more harmonious, but also more consistent and, above all, more personal," says Claudia Lässer, Chief Product Officer Blue Sport and Blue News.

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