SZKB expands digital offering with SZKB Twint app

Schwyzer Kantonalbank SZKB launches its own SZKB Twint app with a direct account connection, replacing the existing prepaid app.

SZKBWith the introduction of the SZKB Twint app, the bank is fulfilling a need and long-awaited wish of its customers, according to a statement. Until now, customers could manually top up their credit via the Prepaid Twint app using an SZKB account, which will now no longer be possible with the direct account connection and the new app. As of September 22, it will no longer be possible to top up the prepaid app directly via an SZKB account.

Support on site

As part of specially organized digital days from August 26 to September 15 throughout the canton, the bank is supporting its customers as they take steps into the world of digital banking services. To this end, employees of the cantonal bank will be available in person to demonstrate how to install, activate, optimize and use electronic banking tools such as e- and mobile banking or the new SZKB Twint app.

Digitization continues to advance

In 2022, SZKB took a number of important steps in the digital world, including the connection of the new Visa debit card to Apple and Samsung Pay or the SZKB Twint app.

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