Peeps App presents people of GenZ

The agency Intr developed the app Peeps In collaboration with young people from Gen Z. Postfinance is a cooperation partner.

Peeps App

The newly launched app Peeps now presents a different young personality from Generation Z every day - from car mechanic to climate activist, from violin maker to body builder. The personal interests, perspectives, hobbies and favorite things of these young people accompany the users through their everyday lives. The trilingual medium aims to show unexpected insights, unusual lifestyles and incredible stories - every day anew.

Peeps is not only aimed at young people in Switzerland, but is also produced by exponents of this very generation: A 15-member team of authors, editors, graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, videographers and translators aged 21 to 30 develops the content of Peeps - coached and accompanied by experienced editors from the team and network of Intr and Publishr, respectively. "We wanted to develop and produce Peeps with young people from the very beginning, from the platform to the brand to the editorial concept; anything else would be pseudo," says Arci Friede, managing director of Intr and Publishr.

Every day, Peeps presents a different person from the group of 18- to 30-year-olds in Switzerland. In the form of several articles published throughout the day, different facets of this person are shown. The concept is to reflect the diversity of young people in Switzerland, their different lifestyles and favorite things.

The demo version of the app is free of charge. For the premium version, which offers access to all or the complete content, users pay CHF 5.00 per month (subscription can be cancelled at any time at the end of the month). The functional and aesthetic design of Bubble Burst Peeps is similar to that of social media. However, the app deliberately refrains from personalizing the content in the feed to the respective user by means of algorithms. In this way, the digital range of motion should not be reduced to the user's own comfort zone: Peeps gives users an insight into other socio-cultural bubbles. An interview with a non-binary roller derby athlete, a list of the most beautiful hiking routes in Ticino by a young paraglider, a video about a young violin maker in the Bernese Oberland, or a Top 5 book list by a POC activist in French-speaking Switzerland - these and more can be found in the content section of the app.

Store and raffles

The portraits and themed articles are accompanied daily by a matching product at half price (store) and a raffle. The available number per store product is limited - depending on the product, a few to hundreds of pieces are available. The store is as diverse as the field of people portrayed: Items range from a laptop to a bicycle helmet to a donation to a charitable organization. The same variety is evident in the raffles. Every day, Peeps raffles off a product or experience that matches the person portrayed - in the coming summer, for example, festival tickets.

Cooperation with Postfinance

PostFinance is the exclusive cooperation partner of Peeps. Postfinance customers under 30 have free access to the premium version of the app and can be verified automatically and securely via their e-finance login during registration.

Peeps is operated through Publishr, a subsidiary of Intr.

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