Wirz for GRF: With Gian and Giachen also digitally into the summer

Wirz and Graubünden Ferien are ringing in the summer season for families in the digital children's book world. Following the launch of the Kinderwelt web app in 2020, the inspiration platform is being further expanded. There are new adventures to discover as well as four games developed for the app with which families can win holidays.

Wirz für GRF

In the Kinderwelt web app from Graubünden Ferien, summer is already approaching: when the last snow has gone, Gian and Giachen set off for Shooting Star Mountain. Families can now also experience the story from the children's book "Gian und Giachen und der Sternschnuppen-Berg" (Gian and Giachen and the Shooting Star Mountain) in the web app, where they can help to shape it themselves. The journey takes them to the destinations of Surselva, Davos Klosters and the Val Surses. The families travel with the Rhaetian Railway. 

The digital children's book world is connected to the books in the children's rooms: Using the app scanner, the children's book pages can be scanned so that one is directed to the corresponding scene online. And Google Maps can then be used to calculate the route directly to the original location. The app is available at Kidsworld.app directly in the browser and can be installed on a smartphone, tablet or desktop device.

"Jump & Run" with Gian and Giachen

For each partner destination, an online game has been developed in which users can demonstrate their skills. Those who take part can win instant prizes. In addition, four holiday experiences for the whole family will be raffled off among all registered participants.

By expanding the platform with summer scenes, the children's book world becomes a year-round online experience on which attractions of the partner destinations are advertised. "In the digital children's book world, parents and their children playfully discover their next dream holiday in the home of Gian and Giachen," says Yves Luetolf, Director of Marketing at Graubünden Ferien.



Responsible at Graubünden Ferien: Martin Vincenz (CEO), Yves Luetolf (Head of Product and Experience Marketing), Marc Held (Product and Experience Marketing). Responsible at Wirz: Alain Eicher, Yannick Schaller, Adrian Busse, Jannic Mascello, Elena Gabriel, Hannah Mey (Creation); Adrian Huwyler, Nico Keramaris, Ria Breitenmoser, Björn Bippus, Tony de Faria, Angelo Mabellini, Anina Eugster (xLab); Erasmo Palomba (Agency Producer); Fabian Nold, Daniela Fischer (Consulting); Thomas Peller, Yussef Serrat, Eros Montagnani, Rahel Signer (Media Realisation); Oliver Fäs, Karin Gartmann (Image Editing). Production: Claudio Zuccolini, Sergio Greco (voice-over), Jingle Jungle (dubbing), Amélie Jackowski (illustration); Guave Motion (animation); Renuo AG (programming PWA); 1up (programming CLP); Odiusfly Studio (programming MiniGames); Attackera (media); Datalogue (lead qualification).

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