"Bring!": update brings more personalization and new ad format

Bring! Labs has revamped its shopping app Bring! and released version 4.0, its most comprehensive update to date. New personalization options let users decide for themselves what the app should look like for them. But the redesign also gives advertisers and retailers access to new native ad options for targeting consumers.

Bring! users can now select a list view for the items on the shopping list instead of the product tiles, if they prefer. In addition, products can now be grouped by category. These in turn can be sorted individually. This allows users to adapt their list to the order of the aisles in the supermarket, for example.

It is now also possible to switch between light and dark mode, and the intelligent search function suggests matching products to the items on the list and allows users to add their own product descriptions and photos during the search. Finally, a thematic catalogue should enable easy and intuitive browsing for matching items and seasonal offers.

New advertising format for more brand awareness

In addition to the new user features, Bring! has also expanded its native ad options as part of the update. The new "Sponsored Product Flavors" format complements the previous options to promote items in the look and feel of the app during the various stages of shopping planning and shopping list creation. With "Product Flavors", advertisers will have the opportunity to integrate images of all product variants, so that users can, for example, select the right variety right away when planning their shopping. The fact that photos of the products can now be integrated in addition to the symbols also increases brand awareness and the product image can be brought even closer to the user.

Bonne Maman has tested the format

As one of the first customers, the jam and marmalade manufacturer Bonne Maman has tested the new format. In a campaign launched in mid-March, the Sponsored Product Flavors complement conventional advertising formats such as the Sponsored Product. They are integrated natively and can be found by users in the catalogue as well as via the search function and added to the shopping list. This opens up the brand world in which the entire product range is displayed. The selected product variant, in this case the specific flavor, is then also specified on the shopping list. According to statements by Bring!, Bonne Maman is satisfied with the success of the campaign so far.

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