Cash can now be withdrawn with Twint

With Sonect, users can withdraw cash at the checkout in over 2300 stores throughout Switzerland via app. The functionality is now integrated into Twint and is available to over three million Twint users.

Although cash is becoming less and less important, according to a recent study, 67 percent of consumers in Switzerland see cash as indispensable. The ATM network has been steadily dismantled for years, making it increasingly difficult to withdraw cash, especially in rural areas - precisely where cash plays an even greater role. The Sonect app enables cash withdrawals at over 2,300 participating stores, for example at any kiosk or Volg store.

Simplified cash withdrawal for all Twint users

The Sonect functionality is now also available with Twint. The Sonect service is now available to over three million Twint users throughout Switzerland. Users enter the desired amount in the Twint app and a barcode is generated. This is scanned by the cashier either with the Sonect store app or with the cash register's barcode reader, and the amount is dispensed in cash.

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