JLS develops Micasa 3D app for living(t)rooms

The "Micasa 3D" app bridges the gap between Micasa's digital and stationary sales channels with many intelligent functions. The conception and development of the app was done by JLS Digital.


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With the furniture store's new augmented reality app, Micasa customers can easily test which piece of furniture fits best in their own four walls. With the intuitive 3D room planning app, over 400 products in different sizes, colours and variants can be placed in the room as desired, combined and changed in real time using augmented reality. For easy decision-making, favorite products can be placed on the watch list or ordered via the integrated online shop. 


Use at home or in the branch

The app not only aims to enable convenient set-up from home, but also to provide support when customers are in a branch. A QR scanner allows products to be scanned in the store or from the Micasa catalogue. Favourites can be added to the watch list, called up again later and virtually tested with the 3D app.


Benchmark in the use of augmented reality 

A particular ambition in the project was to implement an easy-to-follow, high-quality and interactive augmented reality mode that can establish itself as a benchmark in the Swiss B2C market. "We are convinced that Micasa 3D fulfils this ambition," says Patrick Minder, CEO of JLS Digital. Crucial to the success of the project was an iterative approach, constant validation of the results with the target group and close interaction between category management and the design and development experts.


Responsible at Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund:Nicolas Barblan, Salomé Harte, Daryl Peter, Luzia Hütten, Ivan Ganarin, Michael Nef, Raphael Indergand, Christina Alessio, Mareike Huprich, Lea Arago, Sabrina Rutz, Natalia Haas, Bianka Swierczynsca, Tanja Reckziegel, Roger Züger.Responsible at JLS Digital:Flavia Engelberger, Nicola Staub, Lukas Vollenweider, Andrin Gautschi, Elio Haas, Dominique Loyal, Adrian Stutzt, Sam Diener. 

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