Jung von Matt/impact and Jung von Matt/Tech launch Facebook Playable Ad

Playable Ads are the next evolutionary step after banner and video ads and allow users to get to know brands in a playful way. Jung von Matt/impact has developed a Playable Ad in collaboration with Jung von Matt/Tech.


A Playable Ad is an HTML5 game experience that allows users to learn about a brand, try a game, or pre-test an app. In addition to high engagement rates, calls-to-action can also be embedded organically in Playable Ads. "Playable Ads are especially great for promoting mobile apps. They increase engagement and return on investment," says Dominik Habermacher, Managing Partner of Jung von Matt/impact. Playable Ads are played out in the Facebook feed and in the Facebook Audience network of the target group. 


Boundless creativity 

Playable Ads combine hard goals, such as increasing conversion rates or lowering cost per install, with limitless creativity in the design of the games. Variables such as the game's theme, mechanism, difficulty, playtime and, of course, branding can be customized. In addition, analysis of game events and defined KPIs can help companies improve their ROI via Playable Ads. "Playable Ads are not only entertaining customer communication, but can also provide companies with important insights about their target groups," says Dominik Habermacher.


First on the Swiss market

According to the agency, the Facebook Playable Ad is the first on the Swiss market and is available immediately. The first Playable Ads for Jung von Matt clients are already being implemented.

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