Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt bring up the rear in the subscription rating

The smartphone has become an integral part of everyday life. But how satisfied are customers really with their cell phone subscription? At least according to a survey by the internet comparison service Moneyland, the big names in Switzerland are only at the bottom of the rankings.

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On average for all factors, in which points such as network quality, roaming and notice periods were assessed in addition to Internet and value for money, Wingo came out on top. With 8.3 out of 10 possible points, the Swisscom brand took first place in the survey.

Coop Mobile (8.1 points) and Gomo and M-Budget Mobile (8.0 points each) are also well ahead. This puts the low-cost mobile subscriptions offered by the providers in cooperation with the major distributors under other brands ahead of the actual main brands.

Average scores by provider. (Graphic: Moneyland)

Swisscom in the midfield

Swisscom, for example, is only in the midfield with 7.5 points, as Tuesday's survey shows. Sunrise is at the bottom with just 7.1 points, followed closely by Salt and Yallo with 7.4 points each.

While customers are quite satisfied with the mobile Internet (8.0) and network quality (7.9) of all providers, the price-performance ratio (7.5) and customer service (7.4) fall somewhat short.

Providers generally perform less well when it comes to roaming (7.1). The topic is a perennial issue, says Ralf Beyeler, telecoms expert at Moneyland. "Roaming has also been rated below average in previous years." (SDA/swi)

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