KImpact and Metaverse Academy launch "AI Superpowers" program

The Metaverse Academy and the Swiss AI association KImpact are launching the "AI Superpowers" program, an advanced training course with its own AI avatar. Learning is not just about AI, but with AI - and from practical "nerds", according to a joint press release.

In the new "Generative AI Superpowers" training program from the Metaverse Academy in collaboration with KImpact, the aim is to learn about AI with the help of AI. A dedicated AI avatar answers all questions in natural language via text and voice.

According to Gustavo Salami, founder of the Metaverse Academy, this is just the beginning. "AI agents matching the modules accompany the training. We apply a wide range of tools and use cases with practical tasks." There is also further content on the "Road to Knowledge" community platform even after the program has been completed. "In the spirit of lifelong learning," explains Salami.

Work smarter with the "10x Mission"

The mission of KImpact and the Metaverse Academy: "Work 10x smarter by increasing productivity and output". The focus is therefore not primarily on technology, but on conveying a fundamental practical understanding that goes beyond structured knowledge and has immediate application.

Prompting and the creation of audiovisual content only form the basis. From automation with chatbots to the use of advanced AI agents, the learning content covers both breadth and depth with live demos and cases.
According to the sponsors, the credo here is "learning from the 'nerds'". All experts in the program have their own in-depth practical experience in the use of AI and have their finger on the pulse of developments.

New skills for the AI world

"In view of the scope of the change brought about by AI, not just in a few years' time - but step by step today - I am always amazed at how superficial the discussion and practical experience often still is," says Roger Oberholzer, CEO of the Metaverse Academy. The AI training courses act as an eye-opener: "For most of the more than 150 participants we have welcomed to our training courses in recent months, it has created a completely new perspective on the future of work and triggered a personal dynamic for change," continues Oberholzer.

"AI Superpowers shows the possibilities and limitations of AI, so that you get a realistic understanding of how it can be implemented. This is the only way to turn AI from hype into an everyday tool," adds Chris Beyeler, President of KImpact. "Within the association, we are sensing that there is a growing interest in getting to grips with AI in a more concrete and practical way. Together with the Metaverse Academy, which deliberately takes an alternative approach to traditional knowledge transfer and, in addition to its experience in conducting AI training courses, also understands the convergence with other new technologies such as the Metaverse and Web3, we can further expand our contribution to innovation in Switzerland."

The "AI Superpowers" training course takes place in Zurich and starts in September. More information can be found on the Website of the Metaverse Academy.

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