Ikea opens serviced store in the Roblox video game

On June 24, Ikea is opening a location in the Roblox video game. Gamers will be able to play various mini-games in the virtual store. Ikea is looking for 10 employees for the store, who will be paid for their work.

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Swedish furniture retailer Ikea has announced a virtual store in the Roblox video game. From June 24, players will be able to explore the "virtual universe of Ikea" as part of "The Co-Worker Game", according to the company.

The virtual store is intended to give gamers the chance to experience Ikea's working world in a playful way. For example, Ikea fans will be able to serve an "infinite number of meatballs" in the Swedish Food Market and set up showrooms with various Ikea products.

Ikea is looking for ten employees for the Roblox store, who will be paid 13.15 pounds per hour for their work. This corresponds to the hourly wage of Ikea employees in the London store. Applicants must be over 18 years old and live in either the UK or Ireland. Those interested can apply for a position until June 16.

"We're delighted to be the first brand to offer paid work on Roblox and show how we approach careers differently to others," says Darren Taylor, People and Culture Manager at Ikea UK & Ireland. "We want to bring our unique career philosophy to life on Roblox." (Sara Meier/cka)

This article first appeared in Netzwoche.

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