"64% of all millennial leaders do not feel well prepared for leadership roles"

Wolfpak.ai wants to break new ground in leadership development with an AI-supported app that personalizes training for managers and companies. Co-founder Katia Murmann spoke to m&k Werbewoche.ch about the app.

Recent statistics show that 57% of employees quit because of their managers - and 64% of millennial leaders feel unprepared for their leadership roles. This leads to unhappy employees, high turnover and productivity losses - and costs the global economy over USD 8.1 trillion a year, according to Gallup's State of the Global Workplace Report.

Wolfpak.ai aims to support managers in their day-to-day self-reflection and in being more successful with their teams. To this end, it measures individual skills using the scientific "Inner Development Goals Framework" and offers personalized training plans and an AI coach trained with content from the world's leading leadership experts. The aim is to equip Wolfpak customers with the tools they need to make decisions and navigate complex team dynamics.

"With Wolfpak's expertise and scientific assessment, we were able to strategically assess the composition of our team and set clear, actionable leadership goals. The partnership is of great value in shaping a promising future for our team," says Pascal Jenny, President of the Swiss Handball Federation and Wolfpak client.

The app was founded by entrepreneurs Diana Engetschwiler, former co-CEO of Digitalswitzerland, and Katia Murmann, formerly of the Blick Group. For the market launch, Wolfpak is cooperating with One Young World Switzerland and presented its product at the National Congress with 170 young managers at the Knie Circus in Zurich. Katia Murmann has m&k advertisingweek.ch about the motivations behind the management app.

Diana Engetschwiler (left) and Katia Murmann founded Wolfpak.ai together. (Picture: Moritz Schmid)

m&k advertisingweek.chKatia Murmann, how would you describe Wolfpak in three sentences?

Katia Murmann: As a tool for good managers and a better working environment. WolfPak provides answers to the questions that managers have on a day-to-day basis. We support them in self-reflection and in being more successful with their teams.


What prompted you to name the tool "Wolfpak"?

Leadership used to be very hierarchical: the boss was at the top and led the way. Today, this has changed dramatically: The most important task of a manager is to build a good team. A team in which there is trust and in which everyone knows their role and responsibilities. This is also how the wolf pack works: the lead wolf relies on his team, in which everyone has clear tasks. He sometimes leads from behind, sometimes from within the team, sometimes from the front - and adapts to the situation. That's why we called ourselves WolfPak and why our logo features four wolf heads that are strong together.


Which target group would you like to reach?

We are targeting the next generation of leaders. We have seen and worked with over 500 young leaders over the last few months: They have a particularly large number of questions, but are often expected to already know all the answers. Figures show that 64 percent of all millennial leaders do not feel well prepared for the leadership tasks that lie ahead of them. We want to support them in becoming good managers.


What is the USP of Wolfpak?

WolfPak personalizes leadership training for users and companies: We use our scientific assessment to measure where the manager stands. Based on this data, a personalized training plan is created with videos, podcasts and articles from the best leadership experts in the world. Our AI coach not only knows the user's profile, but can also play out company content when it is needed.


You founded Wolfpak together with Diana Engetschwiler. How exactly did it all start?

We met at Harvard, where we were doing a management training course. There we realized that we were almost neighbors in Zurich and that we both had the same boss. But we had to travel to Harvard to get to know each other. We quickly knew that we wanted to build something together. Shortly afterwards, we started our initial research into WolfPak.


How do you and Diana Engetschwiler complement each other? What is your background?

Diana is a former professional athlete and was co-CEO of Digitalswitzerland. She played in the national volleyball team and brings a mindset from competitive sport that is also much more needed in the business world: The team is at the center, constant feedback to get better, the exchange with coaches. She is also a great networker and has top contacts, including internationally. That helps us a lot at WolfPak.


You are a media professional. What prompted you to take the step into self-employment?

I love challenges - and I always knew that I wanted to set up my own company one day. I had the best jobs in the media industry: I was allowed to Blick.ch as Editor-in-Chief, co-founded the "EqualVoice" initiative and then headed the product division on the Executive Board of Blick and Ringier Global Media. I had a great job with a great team. Then I was faced with a choice: either I stay there in my comfort zone - or I take the plunge. I opted for the latter and can now benefit from all my experience at WolfPak.


Why are you so interested in the topic of leadership?

WolfPak is a project close to my heart: with all the challenges we have in the world today, we need better leaders. I saw early on how much happier and more productive well-managed teams are - and that leaders are the key to positive change.


Can you give an example to illustrate this?

Let's take EqualVoice. Our goal is for women and men to be equal in the media, in business and in society. This is a leadership issue! We have the greatest leverage when diversity is the norm for managers and they live this as a matter of course in their teams. That's why it's important to me to lay a good foundation for young managers.


How exactly does Wolfpak work?

Very simple: companies can buy the tool for their employees. They download the app and take the assessment. They can then see where they are strong and can grow - depending on your skills, you are a certain animal that represents this strength. And then they can get started with the training and ask questions. If you want to test the tool, you can get in touch with me at info@wolfpak.ai.

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