From anonymous user to lucrative prospect

The first website went live in Switzerland in 1991. Today, 33 years later, we use Real-Time Analytics and Cookieless On-Site Optimization to ensure that the website fulfils its purpose.

Every single website visitor is a potential customer. But if you don't know the needs of your own potential customers, you won't be able to meet them. In general, the more website visits, the better. But at the same time, heterogeneity also increases - how can you know the interests of every single user and meet them adequately?

More personalization, more performance

The formula is simple: Unknown users + more insights into their needs = more leads. Or to put it another way: if anonymous website visitors become known users - e.g. by signing up for the newsletter - their preferences can be addressed in a targeted manner, thereby improving performance.

The case

Synpulse has designed a prototype with the Urner Kantonalbank in order to automatically recognize the needs and interests of users together with Capture Media and to be able to address them efficiently for the purpose of lead generation.

Doing the right thing at the right time, in the right place

The tracking and analytics tool fusedeck® is used to measure and analyze user behavior in real time. Based on this data, they are assigned to target group segments that are predefined on the basis of needs from customer surveys. At the same time, fusedeck® scoring measures the lead temperature of users so that each user can be directed to content that is relevant to them based on their journey.

In this way, eye-catching modals (pop-ups) are intelligently played out to demonstrably interested and pragmatic users, while the more critical, reserved individuals are directed with CTA buttons that are less disruptive to the reading flow. The automatic, dynamic adaptation of the Call to Interaction (CTI) ensures that users are addressed at the right time, in the right place and with the right message that is relevant to them. The better the individual information need is covered, the more likely the anonymous user is to become a lucrative prospect.

The key attributes that are made available to the CRM and enrich the data records created there make a significant contribution to achieving the objective. In this way, the visitor can be addressed in a highly personalized manner even if contact is made anonymously.

"Communication is equally wrong for all users if a standardized way is chosen for everyone. The prototype makes it possible to get to know the customer quickly and to better pick them up in real time through hyper-personalization and motivate them to interact" -André Höhn, Associate Partner Synpulse.

The enriched data set with "lead temperature" and "persona" can also be used via the server side tagging of fusedeck® in further communication measures to optimize the personalized approach. For example, with the consent of the user, the data from the lead scoring can be transferred to third-party systems and processed further. This leads to significantly improved performance values for Meta and Google, among others.

Curious? Then you might this current article by Mia Kirchhofer, Head of Product fusedeck®, is of interest: "Server Side Tagging Revolution".

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