"Much of Google Gemini is developed in Zurich"

At the recent Google I/O conference, Google presented Gemini Advanced, a new AI application that also supports creative processes with innovative functions. Sabine Lehmann, Senior Manager at Google Switzerland, explains the new possibilities in the video talk and emphasizes the important role of Zurich as a development location.

In mid-May, Google ushered in a new era of AI in its search engine at the Google I/O development conference (Werbewoche.ch reported). One of the highlights was "Project Astra" and in particular the introduction of "Gemini Advanced", a paid version of the AI application with new creative possibilities.

In a press workshop, Pia De Carli and Sam Leiser from the Google communications team explained the new features. Sabine Lehmann, Senior Manager at Google Switzerland, used examples to demonstrate the capabilities of Gemini Advanced. These include the processing of large documents of up to 1400 pages, including PDFs and videos. Users can read content in one language and ask questions or receive summaries in another language, which is particularly useful for creative processes.

Lehmann emphasized that a significant amount of research and development on Gemini takes place in Zurich, including work on multimodal content such as images and videos, as well as security and infrastructure issues. She emphasized the importance of this innovation: "The idea is that you can give context to the model, to Gemini, and then you can ask specific questions and get answers." These developments show the direction in which Google is heading with its AI applications and how targeted answers and input for creative ideas can be generated.

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