Cookie banners are annoying more and more web users

A good three out of four internet users are increasingly annoyed by cookie banners and tracking settings. According to a new survey by the digital association Bitkom, two thirds even say they don't want to deal with them.

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According to the survey, around half of respondents do not use some services because they use too many cookies, while 58% regularly delete the cookies in their browser. The cookie and tracking settings are important to a third of respondents, although around a third also say they do not understand the settings.

"The legal requirements force providers to provide information and setting options that the majority of users obviously do not want. Politics, business and science should work together to develop solutions so that people can use websites quickly, easily and conveniently according to their wishes," says Susanne Dehmel, member of the Bitkom-management.

Only a fifth reject everything

Currently, 24% of users agree to all cookie and tracking requirements because they do not want to deal with them. 21 percent basically agree to all of them because they want to use the functions available as a result. One fifth reject everything. And a third specifically choose which cookies or tracking they allow.

Among these people, so-called functionality cookies, which enable certain services of the online offer, such as language settings, are primarily permitted: 70 percent agree to these. 47 percent allow cookies for the technical improvement of the product and ten percent explicitly allow advertising cookies so that personalized advertising can be displayed. (pte/swi)

Bitkom Research conducted the survey on behalf of the digital association Bitkom at the beginning of January 2024 with 1013 internet users aged 16 and over.

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