Tree Stones relaunches System4 webshop

For System4, the digital sales channel via its own web store plays an essential role in expanding its range and reaching customers. Tree Stones revamped the furniture manufacturer's webshop and implemented a system integration.

The aim of the project was to relaunch the webshop from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 in order to create a modern and intuitive user interface and offer an improved online shopping experience. In addition, the design implementation had to be carefully integrated and the branding assignment, which was realized by Charles Blunier & Co.elegantly. The integration of RedPlant's external configurator and the connection to the separate ERP system were crucial to ensure seamless ordering processes and smooth data transfer.

Migration and design implementation

The systematic migration to Shopware 6 was carried out while retaining all previous functionalities and paying close attention to data integrity. The design and branding results from Charles Blunier & Co. were integrated as part of the web store redesign. This included adapting the web presence to the new brand identity and ensuring a consistent brand experience.

Configurator from RedPlant

Integrating the separate configurator from RedPlant was a challenge, as it had to enable complex configuration processes and interact seamlessly with the web store. However, it was possible to develop an interface that enables interactive product configuration in the web store without system interruptions.

Connection of the ERP system

Parallel to the configurator integration, the ERP system was linked to the web store. The aim was to ensure immediate data transfer of incoming orders and thus significantly increase operational efficiency.

The result is a System4 webshop that successfully represents the new brand identity. Customers also benefit from an improved shopping experience thanks to RedPlant's intuitive configurator and order processing thanks to the ERP integration. According to Tree Stones, the decisive factor in this project was the synergetic partnership between the players involved, which enabled a seamless transition and underlines the importance of a collaborative approach to challenging e-commerce projects.

Responsible at System4: Esther Streng (CEO), Felix Fischer (Artistic Director), Celestino Möhr (Head of Marketing & Sales), Lucas Stebler (Marketing Manager E-Commerce). Responsible at Tree Stones: Daniel Hofmann (consulting), Jason Witter (project management), Kianna Thamm (online marketing). Responsible at Charles Blunier & Co: Lena Staeheli (Head of Editorial & Projects), Romy Strasser (Art Director), Till Kammertöns (Website Development). Responsible at Red Plant: Annika Pflug (project management), Thomas Reufer (technical implementation), Jannis Christ (technical implementation).

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