Ginetta and CKW digitize the energy sector

As part of the long-standing collaboration between the energy company CKW and Ginetta, the agency successfully relaunched the website in 2023. Further projects are now in the pipeline for 2024.

The launch of in February 2023 marked a milestone in the collaboration between Ginetta and CKW, according to a press release. "Ginetta is our partner in the field of human-centered design. We want to offer our customers the best possible experience when it comes to our digital products - together with Ginetta, we are setting new standards in this area," says Carlo Schenker, Head of Digital Marketing & Experience at CKW.

The new CKW website has a completely new information architecture and user interface and is optimized for mobile use. With the new website as a digital gateway, the basis for a customer-centric, digital ecosystem has been created, it continues. The focus was on the revised, topic-oriented information architecture, new user guidance, revised SEO content, improved performance and optimized mobile use.

After the relaunch, several new projects are on the roadmap for 2024, which are to be rolled out gradually.

Harmonization of all digital touchpoints

Ginetta is working on a design system to seamlessly integrate other CKW products into the new design across all digital touchpoints. "After a holistic analysis of all digital products, we have created an advanced design system that is consistent for all digital touchpoints and scalable for the future," explains UX Designer Kenji Nguyen.

The Design System is a collection of reusable components and clear standards for creating any number of applications. They are intended to help with the efficient design and development of digital products - such as mobile applications or websites.

New customer portal "MyCKW"

The customer-centric customer portal "MyCKW", with which CKW wants to offer its customers a "simple and clear tool" for administrative matters and for saving energy, is also to be developed this year.

From a customer perspective, the requirements for the portal are diverse: from simple households that want to check their electricity consumption and bills once a year, to power users with their own solar system, to companies that pay close attention to their energy consumption. The agency therefore focused on an intensive, multi-stage testing process with users. "This allowed us to ensure that we integrated all customer needs and maximized the user-friendliness of the portal for all target groups," explains Mila Sevilla Zhou, UX Designer at Ginetta.

Intelligent energy networking through ZEV

In another project, Ginetta is working with CKW on a participant portal for self-consumption associations (ZEV). This involves several end consumers joining together to use their self-produced electricity from a solar installation.

The participant portal is designed to provide various insights. On the one hand, users can see their consumption of electricity, heat and water at a glance and compare it with different time intervals such as days, weeks or the previous year. On the other hand, the app gives them an overview of the solar system's electricity production and ZEV's grid consumption. Helpful summaries round off the app: information on how many bathtubs of water have been used or when the best time is for electricity-intensive appliances, as there is a lot of solar power available.

Responsible at CKW: Carlo Schenker (Head of Digital Marketing & Experience), Angela Steffen (Head of MarCom Analytics & CX), Viktoria de Koning (Manager Web Development & Integration), Deniz Erdal (Manager Marketing Web Content), Marco Korradi (Product Owner App & Portal), Thomas Haas (Customer Life Time Manager), Mira Caso (Head of Customer Contact Center), Laura Odermatt (Digital Marketing Manager), Martin Waldau (Senior Digital Project & Campaign Manager), Debora Baumgartner, Andreas Pfister (Product Lead Energy Management & Billing), Marcel Weder (Business Engineer). Responsible at Ginetta: Mila Sevilla Zhou (UX Design), Niklas Mellmann (UX Design), Jiske van Straaten (Strategy), Franziska Luthiger (UX Research), Kenji Nguyen (UX Design), Alexa Stirnimann (UX Research), Corina Bertschi (UX Design), Kilian Hodel (UX Design), Leila Strebel (UX Writing), Maïla Wyssmüller (Project Management), Andreas Strebler (Visual Design), Sofian Bettayeb (Growth), Stefanie Mocka (Client Partner & Head of Business).

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