Digital Ad Trust: Swiss Marketplace Group certifies and strengthens Mobile

The Digital Ad Trust Switzerland initiative presents its latest quarterly report for Q4 2023, with a special focus on new mobile advertising formats and the first-time inclusion of the Swiss Marketplace Group.

Digital Ad Trust Switzerland (DAT) presented new developments in its latest quarterly report for the fourth quarter of 2023. One innovation last summer was the introduction of two mobile advertising formats into the DAT certification program: the Halfpage Ad (300×600) and Ricci/Poster Ad (320×416/480) formats are also represented in the quarterly analysis for the first time as of this quarter. This integration is intended to reflect DAT's efforts to meet the constantly evolving requirements of the digital advertising market and provide a comprehensive overview of performance in the mobile sector. The Swiss Marketplace Group, known for platforms such as and, has been part of the DAT certification since November 2023. Its data is included in this quarterly report for the first time.

Changes in visibility

Overall visibility fell by 4.3 percentage points to 69.1% compared to the previous quarter. This is mainly due to the newly added mobile formats, which have lower visibility than the desktop formats. In the desktop segment, viewability fell only slightly by 1 percentage point, despite the peak advertising season in the Christmas quarter Q4. The ad fraud rate fell to 0.2% in the fourth quarter. This is primarily due to the positive effects of the new mobile formats. The brand safety values continue to show a very low blocking rate, which now stands at just 0.01%.




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