Nueva creates a global web presence for the KliK Foundation

With the possibility of aligning its field of activity internationally under the Paris Agreement as part of the Swiss CO2 Act from 2022, a comprehensive redesign of the website of the Climate Protection and CO2 Compensation Foundation KliK became necessary. The new digital presence was completely redesigned and implemented by the Zurich agency Nueva.

Based on a thorough analysis of the existing websites and the development of a future-proof information architecture and contemporary web design, Nueva won the pitch for a redesigned digital presence for the KliK Foundation back in 2020. Since then, Nueva has developed a comprehensive news platform, a large number of country pages in various languages and a scrollytelling page for a new journal, including the presentation of the annual report. The highlight of the collaboration was the new concept, design and implementation of the foundation's entire digital presence.

According to Nueva, the biggest challenge of the project was to rethink the structure of the website. Dozens of different pages, sub-pages and landing pages - from overview pages about country activities from Peru to Georgia as well as the numerous service areas such as hydrogen trucks or mobile pellet heating systems in Germany - were placed in an overarching context and linked together in a meaningful way.

Optimized and automated in the brand new headless CMS

Most of the pages were revised by the KliK Foundation and translated into various languages before being automatically transferred to the brand new headless CMS Storyblok. In addition, all existing news articles, including images, were transferred from the old system to the new one using a specially developed content importer. This saved numerous hours of work and tedious manual input. The pages indexed over the years were carefully redirected to the new location to ensure the foundation's good search engine ranking.

Mega flyout navigation for a better overview

The heart of the new website is a navigation that reflects the page structure and provides users with a clear overview of the content. Area colors were used to help users find their way around. The individual program pages have been standardized so that the information is always presented in the same look and structure. This should not only make it easier to add new programs and country pages in the future, but also to find information. The numerous existing landing pages for countries and service areas have been seamlessly integrated into the new website.

Comprehensive element construction kit for all cases

Various new content elements were developed and added to ensure that the website meets the high requirements. These include various teasers, image galleries, PDF readers, a contact form with various settings options and a clearly laid out download hub. With the intuitive user interface of the Storyblok CMS, content such as text, images or videos can be easily edited, updated and timed by the customer.

Finally, the existing contribution calculators, which enable the direct and simple calculation of a subsidy contribution online, were made clearer and more intuitive and connected directly via API. Technically, the project was implemented using the powerful Vue 3 framework Nuxt 3. This is designed to enable maximum performance, SEO integration and scalability through server-side rendering.

Responsible at the KliK Foundation: Dr. Marco Berg (Managing Director), Yannick Michaelsen (Head of Domestic Communications), Andrea Reiter (Director International Communications). Responsible at Nueva: Remo Brunner (Managing Partner), Nicole Tobler (Project Manager), Yuki Tschopp, Jonas Hermann, Alexander Cox (UX & Design) Jonas Müller (Head of Technology) Luca Margadant, Philip Koch, Taisiia Efremova (Frontend Developer).

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