"We are more of a late mover": 20 Minuten deputy editor-in-chief on AI and the future of the media

The Communication Summit 2024 discussed the use of AI in the media sector. Werbewoche held talks with experts from the fields of law, media, filmmaking and education, which led to the idea of a mini-series. In this episode: Gaudenz Looser, deputy editor-in-chief of 20 Minuten, on the potential of chatbots to deliver personalized news and change the media landscape.

Gaudenz Looser, deputy editor-in-chief of 20 Minuten, explains that they are rather reluctant to integrate artificial intelligence (AI). Looser explains how an effective chatbot could fundamentally change the media business by delivering personalized content and facilitating access to news. He emphasizes the strategic challenge media companies face as AI-based technologies transform access to news. He also discusses the impact of AI on the journalist's job description and emphasizes the importance of society engaging with AI to learn how to use it.

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