"Regulation needs serenity": David Rosenthal on laws and AI

The Communication Summit 2024 discussed the use of AI in the media sector. m&k Werbewoche.ch spoke to experts from the fields of law, media, filmmaking and education, which led to the idea of a mini-series. In this episode: David Rosenthal, expert in data and technology law at Vischer Attorneys at Law, on copyright law for content created by machines.

David Rosenthal, an expert in data and technology law at Vischer Attorneys at Law, discussed the issue of copyright in connection with artificial intelligence (AI) at the Communication Summit 2024 at ETH Zurich. He emphasized that works generated purely by a machine are not normally protected by copyright unless a human contributes creative elements.

Rosenthal also emphasized the importance of clear guidelines and tools to simplify complex legal issues related to AI. In terms of regulation, he emphasized the need for a balanced approach and warned against enacting too many new laws as this could lead to an increased administrative burden. He also discussed the EU AI Act and emphasized the importance of gathering experience and clearly defined rules.

Rosenthal personally uses AI mainly as a text generation tool for specific applications, without letting it make decisions independently.


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